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Diverse Classes

A variety of class types designed to help you breathe better.

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Join a supportive community of others with COPD and breathe together.

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Approachable classes for every level that fit into any schedule.

"I started noticing I wasn’t doing as much and my breathing was worse. I couldn’t walk 30 ft without being exhausted. The more exercise I do, the more I am able to live the life I want."

– Pat B.
(has lived with COPD for 7 years)

A Variety of Classes
Designed for All Levels

Lift classes are designed to help you breathe better. Whether you are a true beginner or have completed a Pulmonary Rehabilitation program before, we have classes for you!

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Expert Instructors

Lift Pulmonary Rehab Instructors have a combined 50+ years of experience helping people with COPD breathe their best, be more active, and live happier.

Access to a Network
of Experts and Peers

Lift has an extensive network of experts and people with COPD that you will have access to.

Each week, Abby Cohen, co-founder of Lift, hosts a live interview with leading Pulmonologists, Dietitians, Respiratory Therapists, and other people living with COPD.

Tune in each week and submit questions for the guest expert to answer live!